Accusync Medical Research Corporation | Spectrowipe
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Wipe Test Counting System

with 1024-channel MCA


  • Meets NRC regulations
  • 1024-channel MCA
  • Precision high voltage
  • Preset count or preset time mode
  • Automatic background subtraction
  • Precision peak detection
  • Automatic Isotope identification
  • NaI drilled-well crystal detector with built-in preamplifier

  • Nuclide library stores up to 50 nuclides
  • Up to 20 locations
  • Data storage and archiving
  • Prints reports, spectra, data
  • RS-232 port for data input/output
  • Large, backlit LCD display
  • Easy to use, menu-driven interface
  • C-US certification by TUV Rheinland


Dual Detector Interface

Laser printing capability

The SpectroWipeTM Wipe Test Counter is a compact radiation measurement device for determining levels of contamination in Nuclear Medicine laboratories and other environments where radioisotopes are used.

It includes a 1024-channel Multi-Channel Analyzer for precision peak detection and isotope identification by gamma spectroscopy.

Counting data, spectra, and activity data are displayed on a large, bright LCD display with adjustable contrast. With a maximum count rate of 100,000cps and a high efficiency NaI detector, the SpectroWipe performs wipe tests in a minimal amount of time.The easy-to-read display and menu-driven user interface make wipe test counting easy and efficient, streamlining quality control and safety procedures, while reducing paperwork and manual record keeping.

The spectrum is displayed while it is being acquired, along with the count rate, total counts, and time remaining. Background is automatically subtracted. When the counting is complete, the detected peaks are displayed, the identified nuclides are listed, and the calculated activities are displayed for each. The total activity is also displayed, automatically converted to the desired units (DPM, ?Ci, or Bq), and exceeded trigger levels are indicated.

Wipe test, background, and calibration data are archived, and reports can be printed on a serial or parallel printer, or the data can be exported via RS-232 to a computer, in spreadsheet format, and then printed from the computer.

Settings are stored by location, including trigger level, energy range, nuclides, LLD, and ULD. Up to 20 numbered and named locations can be stored. The system contains a database of radionuclides which stores the half-life, peaks, ROI, and efficiency for each. Data is saved in 128kB flash memory. Available reports include monthly, weekly, and daily activity by location.

Tested to EN61010-1 and equivalent UL/CSA standards for CAN/USA certification by TUV Rheinland, and tested to EMC standard EN61326 for CE compliance.

AccuSync Medical Research Corporation is ISO13485 registered designer and manufacturer of medical devices and related instruments in nuclear medicine.


  • Detector

    Drilled-Well Crystal


    NaI scintillator shielded by 0.847” lead.

    Crystal dimensions: φ1.75”x2”. Drilled well: φ.656”x1.75”.

    The detector has a built-in, charge sensitive preamplifier with positive output. The required power is ± 5V @ 2 mA.

  • Multi-Channel Analyzer

    Linear Amplifier

    Max Count Rate

    Pulse Pair Resolution



    Number of Channels


    Peak Detection

    Conversion Time

    1600keV or 2000keV energy range.

    100,000 CPS


    The low level discriminator can be set to any level up to 100% of the selected range in 10 keV steps.

    The upper level discriminator can be set to any level up to 100% of the selected range in 10 keV steps.


    Automatic; standard source required.

    Automatic; with automatic nuclide identification of up to 50 nuclides.


  • High Voltage

    500-1000V, electronically stabilized. Output Current: 500uA

    Temp stability: 50ppm Ripple: <25mV peak-to-peak

  • Display

    Menu-driven graphic display.

    320x240 Monochrome LCD with backlight.

  • Keypad

    6 membrane switches for menu-driven graphic user interface.

  • Input/Output

    Preamp input in 6 pin miniature connector.

    Bias Voltage SHV connector.

    RS-232 ports for printing and exporting data to computer.

    TTL pulse output.

  • Clock

    Battery backed-up clock/calendar keeps current time and date.

  • Memory

    128k EEPROM for data storage. Storage capacity for spectra, location data, wipe test results, nuclide data, calibration and background logs.

  • Printer

    Parallel printer capability with converter for HP LaserJet and PCL-compatible printers.

  • Power

    85-265V~, 47-440Hz, less than 5W

  • Dimensions


    MCA Unit

    Diameter 4.00”, Height 9.25”, Weight 30 lbs.

    Width 7.00”, Length 7.09”, Height 4.25”, Weight 3.5 lbs.